Social media synergies

Yes, a post in which I use the push button word ‘synergies’! There are a whole bunch of social media sites out there. In preparation for the ‘Grand Experiment’, I’ve taken on the task of finally consolidating the various threads of my social networking presence. Now, I’m pleased to say that this website/blog is the hub that syndicates content to my Facebook author page, my Goodreads page, and my Amazon author page.

That’s not to say I don’t have original content on these sites. There’s no fun in being an aggregator, otherwise, people would be sucking out their brains, implanting microchips, and becoming bots. ¬†Given I’m still a flesh and blood person, I try (but sometimes fail) to make things interesting.

Facebook, as my FB friends will attest, is my favoured medium. My intention is to run special writing-related news through my Facebook author page. I keep the silly stuff like videos montages of ‘Hey there Cthulhu‘ or Aquaman punching out Superman (or Zombie Aquaman doing cool shite) for my personal Facebook page, but the author page is definitely going to see more action this year!

Goodreads is a recent discovery. Well, kinda. I was aware of it for a while, but any social networking that combines social stuff with reviews of books, well, it’s pretty much a given that any author or reader should be involved in it. My Goodreads author page is here. I hope to be running some giveaways on there soon once the e-books go live on Amazon.

And speaking of Amazon, I’ve had an author page on there for a while, but tonight, I actually revamped it a little with a bio, piccy, refreshed the RSS feed, and linked some of my books to it. That page is definitely gonna see some action in the next few months!

All these pages are conveniently linked on the right side of my website (along with the link to my Wikipedia entry and some other useful links), just beneath the bio. I’ll add some of my favourite authors/friends to that links section soon, too. As mentioned before, all of my social media sites are hooked up to my website/blog RSS, so no one will miss a thing!

So there you go. Synergies.

However, one place you’ll never seen me on is Twitter. I see the advantages, and it’s a popular site, but I don’t think people realise just how *real time* the whole thing is (or maybe they do?). To get any kind of traction on Twitter, you literally need to be sitting on the damn thing 24/7. No thanks! Besides, time and again, I see otherwise thoughtfully intelligent bloggers being seduced by Twitter and their blogs become like ghost towns. Call me old fashioned, but I still enjoy an opinion that can be sustained beyond 140 characters.