Snakes on a Black Box

Really digging a couple of songs right now.

My Clarion mate Evan has a band called The People People, and they have a couple of ultra catchy electronica pop/rock songs that you can listen to online at their MySpace page.

“Banish Me” is just magic, and another of their songs is getting some play over at Triple J. Definitely worth discovering. Onya Evan!

Not surprisingly, with the imminent release of Snakes on a Plane! I’ve been tuning into their soundtrack. I have to say, the title track by Cobra Starship, while a bit hokey, is extremely addictive. It really elicits that old time disaster movie meets monster movie vibe.

So inspired am I that I propose a competition, right here on this blog.

With the guidelines to BLACK BOX (Shadow Box2) soon to be announced, I thought I’d jump the gun a bit.

* Post a micro story (120 words or less) with your normal byline as a comment on this blog with the theme of either SNAKES or a PLANE ON THE BRINK OF DISASTER or a SNAKE ON A PLANE.

* The best story will receive a signed CD copy of the Shadow Box e-anthology plus publication in BLACK BOX.

* Dark and disturbing stories preferred. Dark and humorous also accepted.
* Bonus points will go to authors who manage to squeeze in the phrase ‘motherfucking snake(s)’ as a natural part of the story.
* Do not infringe the copyright of Snakes on a Plane or any similar movie/product.
* Comp open until midnight September 9 (your timezone).
* My disclaimer: I reserve the right not to award a winner due to insufficient entries or quality.
* Good luck – and remember: Snakes on a plane, man. Snakes on a plane.