Small press miscellania

Aurealis Awards
Firstly, congratulations to all the Aurealis Awards nominees. A mostly complete list (some information has yet to be released) is available on HorrorScope.

Small press in general
I’ve tried to hold my tongue, really tried, but there’s been a spate of incidents of unprofessionalism in the Australian small press that has left me disgusted, gobsmacked, and disillusioned. The communication, certain prima donna writers, the way things are handled, etc etc is all just abysmal and leaves me feeling cold. Not just one or two things, but a whole slew of incidents piling up.

Among the mounting little straws stacking up to break this camel’s back has been a discussion on a local review site’s forum on how worthless and uninteresting flash fiction is, and how it should be banned. “Great,” I think to myself, “don’t I have a flash fiction collection and a flash fiction e-anthology coming out next year, not to mention a continued involvement as design/PR guy for Shadowed Realms?” Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, sure … but as a discussion by reviewers and editors on *bad* publishing trends this year from a respected review site, such negativities have a certain weight in readers’ mind, and I’m left to wonder on a great many things (review prejudice/impartiality springs to mind).

Donating time, advice, money, books etc to causes that turn around to unjustifiably/unnecessarily bite the hands that offer them support just leads me to wonder what is the point to all of this? What the hell is the point?