SJC at a glance: Aussiecon4 edition

The 2007 mugshot (although I'm sporting a leaner look these days)

Swimming in the (proverbial) small pond that I currently inhabit, I’m aware that a whole bunch of people attending Aussiecon4 this week will have no idea who I am and why I’m on panels, kaffeklatches, and all that.

So in a few convenient bullet points, I am:

  • Author: A Western Australian dark fiction writer who has had more than sixty short stories published around the world (Australia, USA, and Europe). Some of my stories have been translated into Spanish, Polish, and French.
  • Major works: Shards, a dark flash fiction collection illustrated by Andrew J. McKiernan (Brimstone Press, 2009). Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves, a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy novella (Damnation Books, 2009). A full length dark fiction collection and a Japanese fantasy novel series are forthcoming.
  • Awards-hound: Winner of two Ditmar Awards and nominee of more than twenty other (mostly Australian) awards, including the Ditmars, Aurealis Award, and Australian Shadows Award. I was also nominated for Spain’s Premios Ignotus, and my collection Shards made the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Awards.
  • Magazine editor: Founder/Managing Editor of HorrorScope, Australia’s Dark Fiction Blog, and previously, Managing Editor of Black: Australian Dark Culture Magazine (a national Australian newsstand magazine) and guest editor of Midnight Echo #2 (with Angela Challis).
  • Anthologist: Editor/Co-editor of several anthologies including Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Volume One, Shadow Box, and Black Box.
  • Day job: Magazine editor and journalist.
  • Other: Vice President of theĀ Australian Horror Writers Association. Martial arts black belt in Iga-ryu Ninjutsu (where the ‘Jiraiya’ originally came from many years ago) and sword fighting (Sports Chanbara) instructor/champion.

See you at Aussiecon4! Don’t be afraid to say g’day!