Singing the Song of Prague

“The Song of Prague” is one of my hidden gems. It’s a prose-rich, entertaining dark fantasy story that’s had a few near misses in its time in the slush pile. I haven’t yet found a home for it in print, but I’m delighted to say that I’ve sold the podcast rights to Pseudopod!

I love having my stories podcast, although I’ve only had one other story podcast to date: “The Cutting Room”, possibly my most notorious story so far. You can listen to the podcast here (or click the links on my Free Fiction page) – or buy it as part of the Pseudopod Collection 4 disk (a worthy way to hear many great audio stories while supporting horror’s preeminent podcasting site!).

The brilliant thing about Pseudopod is its very active community of listeners. Dozens of people discussed “The Cutting Room” in the comments to the podcast and on Pseudopod’s forum. It’s fascinating to read many listeners’ differing opinions and interpretations. As an author witnessing these kinds of discussions, it’s best to shut your yap and watch from the sidelines – just as when an author reads a review of their work. ┬áReader interpretations – both good and bad – bring new life to the work in question.

So yeah, listen out for “The Song of Prague” on Pseudopod later this year (date to be confirmed).