Singing In Prague

After a couple of weeks of nurturing, my horror/slipstream story, Singing In Prague, is now complete. I know it must be alright, it’s fallen nicely in the 3k-4k range, which puts it into a saleable category.

For the interested, or the not, here’s a sample:

Letna Park was a sprawling smear of greenery nestled between the city spires and the river. He’d been here a few times before, clearing his head while taking in the views of the Old Town and the behemoth Prague Castle, perched on its crag. Drawn by the siren-song, he soon realized the voice held a clarity unsurpassed. Letna Park was rambling, but too small to constrain such majesty. The song blossomed louder in his ears with every step.

Penetrating deeper into the park, he could feel the ghost of Stalin’s statue scrutinise his folly. The statue was decades gone, consigned to the graveyard of forgotten monuments. In its stead, a stern-eyed presence remained to haunt the Westernised Czech teenagers, and madmen chasing songs through the park.

I find myself reasonably down today. Probably because:

a) I’m still getting over the disaster that WAS meant to be my Clarion grant application.

b) I’ve had a few more rejects trundle in – all for my better stories – and the markets I would submit them to are all closed for the holidays. So my short stories are tending to go into a summer hiatus of sorts.

c) I could have a $1300 tax bill for something I apparently didn’t declare last year.

d) I’ve been alone all day, and while I cherish my solitude, I feel otherwise depleted so could probably use the company.

But hey, look on the brightside. I penned almost 2000 words today. I also had a lengthy goal-setting discussion with a lecturer today, and I have a nice rough draft plan for getting Harbinger up to code in a short time, so I’ll definitely be more productive over the next month or so. And yeah, TAFE is almost finished. Just a couple of straggley type assignments to go. Oh and double yeah – I had a nice banana muffin today. You can’t beat fruit in a muffinafied form.

My next step is to clear the decks on the Alternative Time stories this weekend – a late spring clean out that is long overdue. Then all will be fine. Yay. Go team!