Short sharp praise

I owe this blog a few post-Worldcon updates, but to be honest, I’ve been chasing my tail since returning. Times have been turbulent.

However, I’ve been really feeling like an AUTHOR lately (yes, so authorial do I feel, I needed capitals). A few conversations from Aussiecon 4 really bouyed me, and this week, there have been a couple of really uplifting emails and online conversations about my work (one of these emails was Greg giving me the tip about the song “Wild Wolves” in the previous post). Thank you, Universe, for helping to finally balance the cosmic ledger!

One that left me feeling particularly grateful for the earnestness of genuine readers was a conversation on Matt Tait’s Facebook about Shards …

I took the liberty of capturing some of that conversation for posterity:

Shards Facebook convo

Heartfelt thanks, guys!