Shootin’ the breeze


Various writing goodness has taken place in recent days. Firstly, I’m on the bill to read the humourously weird twilight-zone story, Ian, this Sunday at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre. Ian was Highly Commended in the KSP Science Fiction/Fantasy competition. I’ll be transporting the cheer squad with me when I go up there to read it as part of the Awards ceremony. I’ve also been given some additional tentative good news on Ian, so stay tuned.

I’ve also found out my novelette, Beneath Southern Waves, was chosen for inclusion in Robert Hood’s giant monster anthology follow-up – Daikaiju 2: Giant Monster E-Tales. I’m sharing a table of contents with a number of cool dudes and their monsters, including Tessa and her Clarion South Giant Crab adventure. One thing I set out to do when writing the original version of Beneath Southern Waves was to feature a ridiculously humongous monster. I think I succeeded (the thing’s eyeball is the size of an island, and it’s nemesis, well, it bobs icebergs for fun). The most important thing I did when writing the story was just to have fun.

I had even more fun sprucing up my other daikaiju piece, Plan Ni. This one won’t be included in Daikaiju 2, but geez, it’s a personal favourite, and in my opinion is a cool spoof of kaiju eiga (monster films). I’m happy to report I’ll be using both Plan Ni and Southern Waves in my Beasts of the Southern Shore collection. I’m really looking forward to finishing the last couple of stories for this collection, particularly in light of the tweaking I’ve done to Plan Ni. Thecollection is set to provide a cool Australian-o-centric monstropological history – spanning from the dawn of Dreamtime prehistory through to an apocalyptical future. The ultra cool thing is the stories provide a narrative thread, while being extremely different in style and tone. They also link in with my Fading Twilight novelette, Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves.

In the last few days, I’ve also written up a couple of cool flash stories. Both were totally off the cuff, and spewed onto the page with minimal effort. Downhill is a tiny, tiny piece, but cool in a way only really tiny stories can be. Whereas Love in the Land of the Dead is entirely in a league of its own. As a surprise, I read it aloud to Ange and Luke (who was around visiting today). Their expressions said it all. I guess it’s a little hard to take an opening line like “I ate her
brains out of love, but there was more to it than that.” These stories, along with the recent Congo Jenga, the work I’ve done on Darkness of Wolves, and the editing of more of my older stuff, including the completion of Shards, have proven that I’m ready to up the writing ante and perhaps even return to novel writing soon.

I’ve edited and subbed off a bunch of other stories as well, so writer-wise, I’m feeling well pleased with myself.

Which leaves me with the editing jobs and the university course. *sigh* Well, *sigh* for the uni, the editing is something I look forward to.


Ange and Hayley had a ‘girl’s day’ yesterday. I stayed at home doing whatever it is I do during the day while they caught ‘Wedding Crashers’ at the movies. Apparently it was good, even with the gratuitous masturbation scene.

After their movie, I snuck down to Innaloo to join them for a stint at Timezone, which made my day. The girls spent half an hour figuring out the dance machine game, while I did the rounds on every shooting game I could find. Mind you, my aim is excellent, but my speed is that of an old goanna in a wheelchair on a cold day. I hooned through the shotgun game, the pistol zombie game, the vibrating pistol ninja game, the dodgy helicopter machine gun game, the sniper game, and eventually became stranded on the training levels of a dodgy jet fighter game (I shoulda stuck to my guns, so to speak). I especially enjoyed the sub-machine gun step-on-the-pedal game, and lasted longer than 2 minutes on it, setting an all-time Shane record.

Following all this arcade goodness (watching the girls on the dance game was an eventful experience too!), they headed out to Yanchep for a couple of hours of horse riding. With my intuition flaring, I declined to join them. When they returned in the evening, saddle-sore and with a video of Hayley jouncing up and down on a stationary horse (‘Just use the reins, Hayley, stop makin’ love to it!), I knew I’d made the right choice.