It’s done! And sent off to the publisher to boot! Thanks to Shards, the world will, sometime in the future, experience the excrutiating company of a fellow named Johnny No-Eyes.

Shards: Thirty Short Sharp Tales

* Cover image is only indicative of the final product.

The lead-up to submitting this collection was particularly productive. Not only have I edited pretty much all of my flash and micro stories (there’s a decent wad of them too!), I wrote a new story the other day. This flash piece is perhaps the nastiest short horror story I’ve done. Body horror in that ‘not very nice’ way. So nasty, it was snapped up for a future issue of Shadowed Realms by its esteemed editor-in-chief.

Keep an eye out for it (ha! I just made an inadvertant in-joke! you’ll get it when you read the story) – it’s titled Congo Jenga – and will feature in both Shadowed Realms and in Shards.

I’ve also trundled off several story submissions of late. All re-edited, which gives me a measure of confidence as I can now see mistakes made six, twelve, and eighteen months ago, and can chart my progress from it. Now (aside from several more story edits and a bit of anthology editing) all I have to do is get properly stuck into my university coursework. I’ve given the semester the usual two weeks lag-because-I’m-trying-to-ignore-it, but I reckon this time I’ll make more of a fist of the units.