Shards ebook – new cover

Every now and again, I give my catalogue a bit of polish, and this time around, I focussed on my my first collection (and major work), SHARDS. The collection has been off people’s radar’s for a while, but it’s a hidden gem. If you’re into really short stories, give this one a go for just $1.99:

Shards (2014 cover)

Take a guided tour of the darkest backroads of the imagination. Imagine worlds that are twisted fragments of our own … In one, a woman with foresight puts her scarred body on the line to stop crimes before they happen. In another, a pervert channels the spirit of a dead school friend in the hopes of getting lucky. In yet another, the Antichrist is a misunderstood teenager who is tired of being manipulated.

In Shards, the seasons turn deadly, and a day at the beach becomes a nightmare. A vision in the mirror is anything but heavenly. The zombie apocalypse triggers one survivor’s unhealthy obsession. And where do you run when the world begins to physically unravel?

Shards is fiction at its shortest and sharpest, a collection of disturbing stories from a master of dark flash fiction. A shard is a story read in just moments … but it will linger with you for the rest of your life.

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