Shards: Damned and Burning

Have you bought Shards yet? If not, and you’re still weighing up whether it’s worth the $17.95 (yeah, it’s pretty damn inexpensive for an indie press book, isn’t it?) … then I have some good news …

Shards: Damned and Burning

Coinciding with the release of Shards is the bonus e-chapbook, Shards: Damned and Burning. This e-chapbook contains six of my stories, including three stories that have never before been published! Damned and Burning also features the dark illustrations of Andrew J. McKiernan.

It is the perfect preview. If you like Damned and Burning, you love Shards!

Shards: Damned and Burning can be downloaded (PDF) for free from the Brimstone Press website (click on the Shards page).

If you’re keen, you can also buy Shards there, too! Although it might be tricky to find, Shards is also available from quite a few Dymocks stores (especially Dymocks Southland in Melbourne), independent retailers such as Fantastic Planet, and online bookstores such as the Australian Online Bookshop.

And as a final reminder, here’s what a few discerning folks have thought of Shards so far:

“With Shards, author Shane Jiraiya Cummings and artist Andrew J. McKiernan take us on a guided tour of the darkest backroads of the imagination. It is wonderfully moody and creepy.”
– Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Patient Zero.

“Shane Jiraiya Cummings with Shards shows he is not only a master of the flash fiction style of writing but has pretty much written the definitive statement on how it should work. The collection is a strong statement on the validity of an internet-driven writing style and is a must have for any collector of Australian Dark Fiction.”
– Jeff Ritchie, ScaryMinds

“Cummings’ work possesses a Stephen King-like quality, creating rich and colourful characters in a handful of words… Well worth the read.”
– Mark Smith-Briggs, HorrorScope