Shadowed website

Oh my dog!

Ange went around to a friend’s place today with a stern face and her ‘I’m an IT expert’ cap on today. In the process of formatting said friend’s hard drive, she rang me to advise the CD with all the saved files had been corrupted, necessitating from me a last minute CD burning frenzy (aren’t backups a wonderful thing?) and a short drive to Joondalup to deliver the vital data.

That in itself is just backstory – because when I arrived, she casually mentioned she checked out the Shadowed Realms website from her friend’s computer – and it looked like crap!

Bona fide, wrong font and wrong resolution type of crap!

For anyone who is interested, the Shadowed Realms site should be viewed in 1024×768 res, in Arial font. If not, then the site looks skanky.

Now, the computer Ange viewed the site on was old – dinosaur old – but that isn’t necessarily the point. Being haughty technocrats, with our multi-computer, networked home, we sometimes forget our techno specs are pretty darn good, and that many others out there have crappy old computers that make websites look.. well.. crappy.

Unfortunately, HTML coding isn’t our forte, so we’re gonna have to call in some more IT-minded experts to rejig Shadowed Realms to make it more ‘universal’.

Until then, dear potential-Shadowed Realms readers, stay tuned to our sporadically brilliant website. There are a number of important announcements coming soon!