Shadowed Realms unbound

The challenge has been thrown out there:

Can you write a chillingly dark, psychological story in under 1000 words?

Do you want to be paid 5c per word for worldwide publication?

Can you read a simple set of guidelines?

If so, then YOU can be published in Shadowed Realms online magazine. Now officially the highest paying genre publication in Australia. And we haven’t even released the first issue yet!

If you want to join the likes of international novelist and short story legend Stephen Dedman, and emerging talents like Stephanie Gunn and Adam Wieland, then get your damn submission in to us! Seduce us with brilliant, compelling prose and a story that draws blood until we faint from shock. If you can do that, then we’ll be happy to form a lasting editorial relationship*.

* Such a relationship may require certain auxillary rights be surrendered, such as non-exclusive anthology rights, or the exclusive rights to your eternal soul.