Shadowed Realms joins the Black Crusade

Ripped from the Shadowed Realms site:

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the lavabo!

Madder than the marquis… More villainous than the vicar…
Behold the sadistic son!


In an exclusive deal involving frightening sums of money, Shadowed Realms has secured the rights to publish Son of the Black Crusade, the prequel/sequel to Richard Harland’s Aurealis Award-winning novel The Black Crusade.

Son of the Black Crusade will appear in the upcoming Issue 5 to be published at the end of May/start of June.

Any claims by an organisation known as the ‘Vilewatchers‘ (and their cult leader Martin Smythe) suggesting Mr. Harland is not the author of Son of the Black Crusade should be treated with extreme indifference.