Shadowed Realms issue two

How exciting! Shadowed Realms issue two has now hit the airwaves, packed full of indigestible nastiness. After being part of a team that has put out two issue of a pro webzine, I have a healthy respect for editors out there (of any media) cobbling together a magazine. The number of hours spent poring over submissions, giving detailed feedback, arranging editorial proofs and (in my case) creating the layout and artwork, is unbelievable.

It’s heartening, at least, to see that a large (and increasing) number of readers are attracted to the site. It’s a personal whim, but I’d also love to see reviews written about the fiction appearing in the magazine. At least that way I’d have a better idea of whether our editorial taste strikes a chord.

While lingering on the subject of time and effort, I actually drafted a mind map today, detailing all the outstanding things I need to do before Christmas. Family is high on the list, but geez, there’s a helluva lot I need to accomplish before the holidays, and Clarion South.

One of those tasks is of course writing. On that note, I heard back from my second (almost) sure thing from Ideomancer. Yet again, my overconfidence was high, but this time the senior editor decided Stealing Fire was quite there. So alas, I look for another home for it. If nothing else, I’m heartened by the near misses from such a prestigious publication. I also had bounces on Dying Roses (not speculative enough) and Fridge. With the latter, I’m renigging and subbing it to ASIM. What the hey, I spose. I can’t help but support Aussie mags. I think Stealing Fire will be my second go at The Third Alternative.

With all the Shadowed Realms and other stuff going on (I still have a dozen-odd TAFE assignments to complete in the next few weeks), writing has taken a temporary holiday. However, I’m still plugging away on ideas, as well as fleshing out Singing in Prague. More soon… (when I have time).