Shadowed Realms Issue One!

I know I’ve been very quiet here lately. That’s partly to do with a recent spate of not-feeling-well-ness, but has more to do with the intense behind the scenes preparation to get Shadowed Realms issue one online.

And so, I present – Shadowed Realms – Issue One

Ange and I are damn proud of what we’ve put together. This issue has disturbing flash fiction by Stephen Dedman, Kurt Newton and Adam Wieland, as well as longer stories by Mik Bennett, Stephanie Gunn and Gary Kemble.

When I went through the final version of the website, I realised we were publishing 5 out of 6 Australians, which I think is a damn fine effort. We have a few quality Aussie submissions still on the pile that is mostly sorted through, but they are far outnumbered by some excellent stuff, mostly from US writers. So, come on Aussie, come on!

In other news… well its been so long, and my brain is so addled from sleepless nights, that I’ve lost track of my last updates, but…

Disparate Whispers was rejected by Mundania Press. Perhaps my faith in my manuscript was a little overstated. It was a wakeup call, if a little depressing. I’m now scouting some fairly big small-press publishers in the States who aren’t very obvious with their guidelines. I’ve actually had some pretty positive replies. So it will be whisked off soon.

I’ve also whisked The Black Door off to Aurealis, after a long return from City Slab, and a very quick reject from Surreal magazine in between. Moist Chrome on Void has been sent to Cthulhu Sex magazine after Scared Naked have indefinately shut up shop (which is a damn shame). Siege was meant to be in Marginata #7, but a screw up has delayed that. It will likely be in the next issue. Autobahn Dance was knocked back by Dark Animus, but has since been subbed to Strange Horizons. Finally, Midnight on the Jetty failed at Sinisteria, after passing their first round. It spent a short day at Surreal before being sent to Carnifex Press’ Revenant anthology.

In positive news, Practical Joke has passed all reading rounds at ASIM, and now sits patiently on their short-list, for possible inclusion in an upcoming issue. Also, I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but Ian has been with Lenox Avenue for about 10 days. Given this professional zine’s impressive track record of ultra-fast rejections, I can only draw inspiration from the longevity. Finally, Alley of Dead Whores is toiling at The Third Alternative for about four months now. They haven’t responded to two queries, but I’ll assume no news is good news. It’s been there well past their stated turnaround time, which always bodes well.