Shadowed Realms 2004 – 2007

Shadowed Realms will be publishing a bumper double issue soon.

It will be the last.

It’s interesting (and indicative of my mood towards Australian small press circles right now) that the Americans have already spread the news and lamented Shadowed Realms’ imminent demise (it has already been posted on and there is a discussion on the Horror Writers Association forum). There’s been barely a blip on Aussie radars so far.

There is a loyal group of Aussie dark fiction readers (some of whom have already commented on the SR forum, such as Steve, Liam, and Nathan), but it seems Shadowed Realms was more widely embraced overseas (going by readership stats and posters on the forum).

I can say with some certainty and a wry smile that the final issue of Shadowed Realms will be a ripper.

[Edit: Publishing an Aurealis Award winner, an AA honourable mention, three Ditmar Award nominees, five reprints in the Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror series, and one reprint in the Year’s Best Australian SF & F series (and several honourable mentions in Ellen Datlow’s Year’s Best anthologies), the Redback issue, the Continuum issue, two set of AHWA flash comp winners – Shadowed Realms has had a tremendous track record. Dowling, Dedman, Harland, Hood, Brite, Livings, Battersby, Bishop, Warren, Newton… it was a brilliant run. I, for one, will be toasting a glass of our finest on the night Shadowed Realms #12 is published.]