Shadow Box reviewage

My wish for Shadow Box reviews has been granted with abundance. First there Matt Tait’s review on HorrorScope. Then there was Bryn Sparks’ phenomenal review on ASif!, which expressively captured the tone of Shadow Box and read almost like a work of fiction in itself. Now, Jason Fischer has shown tremendous dedication (and insight) by reviewing every single story (all 70 of them!) in Shadow Box on Tangent Online. He spares neither praise nor punches in the review, which is excellent. Another great review!

Thanks Matt, Bryn, and Jason!

In other net-based news, Angela Challis, editor of Shadowed Realms and the anthologies Shadow Box, Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror: The Best of 2005, and Macabre: The New Era in Australian Horror (among others), is the subject of a Q&A on ASif! Believe me when I say this is a rare opportunity to fire questions in her direction.