Shadow Box

Well, it’s finally here. Shadow Box – the charity e-anthology. It took weeks of blood, sweat, and dark techno-sorcery, but it has now hit the public consciousness. Marvel at the twisted imaginings of over sixty authors, point and stare at a carnival freak show of dark art and multimedia madness!

Shadow Box cover
Cruel Summer
Bat in Plastic

It has already been described by the ever astute Andrew McKiernan as:
… one of the most original concepts I have ever come across, not just in Horror and Dark Fantasy, but in any genre! Many publications have tried electronic delivery via PDF before, but they’re still just print magazines. Shadow Box is something new and entirely different in a great way! I hope many people in the publishing industry see this as an example of how Fiction Publishing and E-books can really evolve.

There’s more of course, in the feedback section of the Shadowed Realms Readers Forum. Please, go buy a copy and tell us what you think. Support a good cause!