Setting the Clarion standard

I’ve put some thought into what I want to achieve from Clarion South. I also considered creating a separate blog for my Clarion bits and pieces, but that would only end up a wasteland. Besides, that’s what the blog archives are for.

I am setting this bar pretty damn high. So high, in fact, that if any previous Clarionites read this, they’d undoubtedly scoff. But here goes:

Clarion South duration: 6 weeks

Estimated word count: 120,000 (this will effectively double my short story repertoire, and possibly bring the count beyond 100, if you include the flash stories I’ll no doubt pen).

Realistic estimated word count: 80,000. 2000 words a day, give or take.

Minimum word count: 40,000.

Estimated number of stories: At least 20 (including flash).

Major project: Beyond the Black Door – 20k+ novella.

Stories I must complete:

The Moonlight Man

The Garden Shed Pact

Firewall v2.0



Achilles Forsaken

The Beast of Boundary End

The Knifemaker of Widow South

Ideas/story fragments I want to explore:

Chromatica (flash series)

The Angel of Jihad

The Cold Shore of Gallipoli

Black Comet’s Wake

The House of Fallen Rainbows

Perpetuation Clause

Canned Desire and Wire-tap Love

Room Two

Manufacturing the News

and many more…

Ideas for stories are thankfully something I have in surplus.

In more current news, my sure fire, excellent re-write for Ideomancer, Vows, crashed and burned. The editor liked the story, and the rewrite, but I now understand that he was looking for something I couldn’t provide. He wanted concrete, actionous details from a story I set as a wistful hindsight piece. After much cursing, I’m over it now, and have posted Vows to Realms of Fantasy.