Scoping out Aussie horror

There’s been a few big moves at HorrorScope and the AHWA that I’ve been meaning to mention.

Move #1
HorrorScope + AHWA news = the definitive source for Oz dark fiction news and reviews in Australia! With our powers combined, and the addition of Talie Helene (AHWA news editor) to the HorrorScope team, that black snowball is now gaining considerable momentum.

Move #2
The AHWA has announced its inaugural mentor program. The full details (and list on mentors) is on HorrorScope [well, what did you expect? 😉 ] Anyway, the upshot is that I’m on that list – and was honoured to participate when the AHWA ‘called me to service’.

Truly, the AHWA mentorship scheme is probably the best way for a new writer to hone their craft. There’s a bunch of varied and talented mentors on the list, each with considerably different sets of strengths. My advice for newbies is to pick a mentor that is suited to your chosen direction, because mentors can do more than just provide advice. They can help you get that foot in the door, depending on where you want to go. So if you’re into the surreal, you might look at a mentor in Kaaron Warren. Like zombies, ghosts, or monsters? Robert Hood is probably your man. Enjoy a spot of depravity in your travels – they don’t come much better than Paul Haines. Take your pick!

I have a few tricks up my sleeve if anyone is interested in what I have to offer. A few editing connections here, some detailed critiquing there, add a generous touch of market advice, and the seeds of success may well be sown. Flash fiction is something I’m especially familiar with, but I’m comfortable critiquing at all lengths.

If you’re not an AHWA member, for a paltry fee, I’d heartily recommend you join! It’s schemes like this that make membership worthwhile.