Scenes from the Second Storey review

Amongst my favourite books are Australian horror anthologies, and one of the most recent was the Morrigan Books anthology Scenes from the Second Storey (Australian Edition), ed. Amanda Pillar and Pete Kempshall. I finished reading it last year, and after chipping away with a comprehensive review over the past two months, I finally published the review on HorrorScope.

Here it is for your reading pleasure.

I’d heartily recommend this anthology. As I said in the review:

Without reservation, this is one of the strongest Australian anthologies of the 2000s. Scenes from the Second Storey (Australian Edition) highlights many of the 2000s’ best and brightest authors at the top of their game. The stories by Conyers, McDermott, and McKiernan are among their very best. More importantly, the stories from Hood, Campisi, and Sparks stretch their technical capabilities as writers, demonstrating sides of them that haven’t been shown in previous outings. The remaining stories are all uniformly solid. There is genuinely not a weak story in the bunch, although some might find a few of the stories not to their taste.

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