Rocking the suburbs! (random update post)

Yeah, aside from half an hour of fartin’ about with my previous post, I spent the day on real editing work, including Shadow Box.

All editing is complete on Shadow Box, with just a few bios and revisions to come back. Then it’s all packaged together and Thunderbirds are go!

I also received two of my marked uni assignments in the mail today – both were distinctions. One was for an essay on … umm.. let me check… semiotics (the system of signs in language) and media image captioning, the other was my prose assignment – a revised version of Singing in Prague. It seems the lecturer was particularly taken by my additions, particularly the character known as the ‘gentleman with the Rubik’s cube’. The story has now been sent off to the world, with high chances for succes (imho).

I’ve also discovered my Shadowed Realms story, Congo Jenga, is equal first on the Shadowed Realms readers forum poll for issue 8. It’s nice, but surprising. It’s a grim, gory story, half as long as most of the others. Perhaps I need more perspective on my work.

Tomorrow… putting Shadow Box together.