Revision is Murder

I know, but it’s also the title of my latest short story.

Revision is Murder is both a conceit (one of the few stories I will bring myself to write about a writer – Stephen King I ain’t), and the strangest piece of fiction I’ve ever written.

It is slipstream in it’s truest sense, and something I’m proud of. I have no idea of its commercial value though.

Here’s a sample:

‘In the world beyond, animated letters cycled in a luminous void. An abstract realm of subtle consciousness, where angles and points, letters and numbers coexisted in embryonic forms of life. Metallic clouds of gas undulated, gently propelling the fleshy letters through the heavy atmosphere. In the distance, noises penetrated the silent void, like the echoes of a whale’s song.’

So, with that completed (in the space of just over an hour no less!) at 1100 words, I have more than fulfilled my daily total. However, I was MEANT to be doing 2000 novel words today, but a major TAFE assignment intervened. This story was more an impromptu scrawling that took shape between finishing the assignment, and having to pick Hayley up from the Royal Show.

The assignment ended up becoming 20+ web pages, a huge effort for a very life-life instructional design tutorial.

Tomorrow I will need to pick up the novel word count, as I’ve pledged 10000 words this week (it is a week off from TAFE between terms, so I’m throwing myself into writing).

On a lighter note, Hayley brought home some Fairy floss, so we’ll be having a sugar feast sometime tomorrow I expect. Groovy.