Some glowing reviews on various stories and projects in recent days, from the new Oz spec fic review site AS if, and elsewhere:

Countdown Macabre (from Antipodean SF #76)*

“Shane Jiraiya Cummings’ ‘Countdown Macabre’ takes on the nature of a prose poem, with its shortness and its clever use of numbers and sentence structure. It is a suspenseful piece, and it maintains a strong interest through its verbal patterns. It is one of the definite highlights of this issue. It is a pleasure to read and re-read, and it should be familiar to more than it is.”

Phillip Ellis – Australian Specfic In Focus

“‘Countdown Macabre’, by Shane Jiraiya Cummings, is less of a short fiction and more of a prose poem with an absolute killer of a last line. This is an instance of art more for the sake of effect, rather than for the sake of story, but it compares well to the other works in this issue.”

Devin Jeyathurai – Australian Specfic In Focus

* Countdown Macabre was also on the Recommended Reading list in the Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy (2005) anthology. Not bad for 101 words.

Bump in the Night (from Antipodean SF #74)

“‘Bump in the Night’ is a beautiful nightmare by Shane Jiraiya Cummings. The vividness of the language has me inclined to think he had this nightmare himself.” *

Thew Skinner – Australian Specfic In Focus

* Close! It was actually Hayley’s nightmare, plaguarised! 🙂


“Horrorscope is a relatively new blog managed by Shane Jiraiya Cummings. This site’s attitude, intelligence and sheer output is an inspiration. I really wish them well. Bookmark this page now!”

Rob Parnell – Horrorphilia, aurealisXpress, Sept 2005.

The latter review, especially, is a great affirmation. The team at HorrorScope is brilliant, committed, and brilliant. Did I say brilliant? 🙂