Returning to active duty

[Edit: anyone arriving on this post looking for gay porn – or ‘Active Duty Shane’ in particular – should click here]

I”ve just returned from a relaxing recharge over in Bali. It was my first trip there, but given that we had the time and the money – and that it’s practically a requirement for anyone in Perth to visit Bali at least once because of its proximity and cost – we decided to go for it. Rather than doing the usual Kuta beach crawl, we stayed in Ubud. The resort was like a temple and we had our own private pool in our own private villa compound. A truly awesome experience!

Jacqui will hate me for doing this (given her aversion to the reviews I post on Facebook and here), but I returned to some good news: David Conyers has published a great review of Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves in Irish magazine Albedo One (issue #39). Of Phoenix, David had this to say:

Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves is a highly imaginative tale, and worth reading if you are looking for a fresh approach to dark fantasy being written by a talented Australian author.

Want to know more? Buy a copy of Phoenix from Damnation Books (or wherever good e-books are sold!).

Content of a more interesting nature will follow soon …


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