I’ve just returned from a much-needed getaway down in Bussellton, with the batteries now close to recharged. Even with a few days away, there is always plenty of email catching up to do.

For 2007, I wish for clarity and ruthlessness. These are my resolutions.

Plans are now afoot.

PS. With the renewed focus, I wrote myself a nasty little short story yesterday, “Wrack”. It’s a story bound to attract fans:

I’ll never forget the moment: Louise’s eyes widened, a look I first took as wounded pride. Her eyes though, they stayed wide, her irises dilating, her nostrils flaring, her expression crossing the threshold into panic. A whimper caught in her throat. An instant later, her cheeks bulged. She pressed her palm over her lips, acting a fraction of a second too late. A dribble of brown vomit escaped the corner of her mouth and trickled down the side of her chin.

Her face had never looked paler. Pale, like her sister Bella.

That moment, that’s when the wrack took hold of our lives.

See? 😉

Have a great New Year!