Well, it isn’t Harbinger, but it is 3000 words to finish the month of May. 3000 words today! All on a story I totally cracked myself up on – Repaginator. The story is finished, with a bit of editing to go of course, but the guts of it is done. And good? Well, it’s funny, one more-or-less giant in-joke on the Australian small press community, as well as some of the landmark Science Fiction films of the last century.

Here’s a sample (I have to be careful not to give away too much):

“God, what happened?” Cameron squeaked, pulling the car up outside the bar.

Burly, leather-clad men were strewn all over the street, groaning and bleeding as though they came off second best to a tornado. Many were missing articles of clothing. Boots here, pants there. It looked like the fashion police had made a bust and retro-butch was the victim.

I will submit this to Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. They are on the verge of publishing IAN (maybe), and have Kraken in the slushpile, but this story, well, I will go on a limb and suggest ASIM will almost certainly print this one. The irony and connections are just too delicious.

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