Reflecting on 2009

So in the good news column, publishing-wise, I had a good year in 2009. It’s probably a little late for an end-of-year summary, but what the hell, I kinda missed the boat. Besides, reminding myself of past successes will likely spur me on. The tally is decent:

  • Shards (collection)
  • Shards: Damned and Burning (chapbook)
  • Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves (novella)
  • Midnight Echo #2 (with Angela)
  • Eye of Fire #1 (with Angela)
Short stories
  • Twelve originals (eight in Shards, three in Damned & Burning, one in ASIM)
  • Four (ignoring the many in Shards and Damned & Burning): Dark Wisdom (a pro sale!), Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Vol 3, LegumeMan Free series, and Australian Reader.
Award nominations
  • Premios Ignotus (Best translated story: “The Cutting Room”)
  • Ditmar (Fan Publication)
  • Atheling (‘Dark Suspense: The End of the Line’)
Plus a solid list of interviews (Charlaine Harris, Richard Harland), news items, and the occasional review on HorrorScope.
Oh yeah, and expanding the Australian Shadows Award into three categories, being re-elected as Australian Horror Writers Association Vice President, and fighting the good fight on parallel importation of books on behalf of Australia’s genre authors (did I say I received a letter from Peter Garrett on that a few weeks ago? Well, more on that when I get organised…).
Fudge! No wonder I feel exhausted. This was all in addition to the day job, so I wonder how I’ll do without that fetter (for a while, at least).
Alright, there’s a fine line between pride and bragging, but I need a boost, so a bit of self rah-rah is not too great a sin. I’m proud of this effort, and I released some of my best work (so far) in 2009. I hope others agree.

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  1. paulhaines says:

    You need a boost? C'mon, man, you forget to see that Stoker listing of Shards?

    You got momentum building…