Random pop culture moment: Flautist

flautistAs a writer, you can enter the pop culture zeitgeist in any number of ways. Recently, it’s been through awards (see previous post), but sometimes, it’s random things (like my story “Ian” being listed in the Wikipedia entry for Ian). Today’s random thing is crashing the Merriam Webster online dictionary entry for “Flautist”.

Someone took notice of the number of times I used the word “flautist” in my Ravenous Gods novella, Requiem for the Burning God (click image to enlarge). Cool! For the record, it’s eight.

Speaking of Requiem for the Burning God, I don’t normally mention every Amazon review, but Mike Lewis on Amazon warmed my heart with a great little summary of Requiem and the Ravenous Gods/Captain Max Calder stories:

Good stuff, original storyline. I hope Cummings writes more stories for his Captain Max Calder hero, I think there’s only 3 or 4 now. A possibly-immortal WWI fighter-pilot/occasional time traveler, Calder fights the dark Lovecraftian enemies of Earth with Victorian bravado and his trusty Webley .455 revolver at his side.

Yeah, that bloke gets it! 🙂