Rage and grief

With vengeance in my heart, I rode out to butcher the murderers of my family and cast down their god.

These are the words Makhet of Abydos spoke when he started on his epic quest for revenge in ‘Sobek’s Tears’. The story was recently published in Polish by Nowa Fantastyka (Dec 05, #279) and today I received my contributor copies.

O. M. G.!!!

Sure, I can’t understand any of the words in the mag, but the illustrations! I was fortunate enough to have Andrew McKiernan illustrate the story when it appeared in Aurealis #33-35, but it was a story lost in the crowd. Now I consider myself blessed. The ever-so-kind people at Nowa Fantastyka have placed my story front and centre, in a prominent spot in the centre of the mag – and I have not one but two illustrations! A collage, even! Both superbly rendered by Tomasz Jedrzejowski, the first epitomises the anguish Makhet suffers as he endures the death of his son and the suicide of his beloved – the rage on his face, the despair as he cradles young Tol-Ahnet. The grief and rage practically pour off the page. The second illustration shows a humanoid Sobek (not technically correct, but who’s quibbling!), a crocodile god of such Herculean proportions he looks like he could kick the Hulk’s butt with ease. The picture screams “roorrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! pray to me you puny mortals!” (metaphorically of course).

Okay, so maybe I’m getting carried away, but that look on Makhet’s face – I’ve never seen such rage and grief entwined so perfectly captured in a picture until now. As I said, with Andrew’s illustration, and now Tomasz’s (easily the best in the issue, far better than even Tobias S Buckell’s illustrations), I’m one happy keyboard jockey.