Putting my Shards on the table

Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. With all the micro and flash fiction that’s been popping out of my brain lately, I’ve now decided to push ahead and launch a new collection in the new year. Shards will be a collection of 66 micro stories (ranging from 40 to 500 words). With my current body of work, I am approximately a third of the way complete. In the ensuing months, I will continually pop out more micro tales until I reach the required number.

As Shards will likely be less than 20,000 words (possibly as low as 10,000), I plan on approaching an artist to work collaboratively. All in all, it looms as a unique and strange little project. However, I am keenly aware it is low priority at this point (just an incidental by-product really, albeit a very cool one).

My absolute first priority is to get back in to Harbinger, and get that finished off soon. Riding hot on it’s heels, I plan on pushing Disparate Whispers into the US marketplace. While it labours in the TAG Hungerford Award, I now know it’s chances are poor (see the previous post about FACP’s impromptu rejection of my first DW manuscript). So I’ve picked a couple of bigger names in the small press publishing field to target. I will still wait approx. two months, but I’ve noticed my first choice publisher, Medium Rare Books, have closed again to submissions. Other targeted publishers include Hellbound Books and Catalyst Press, both of which are also currently closed to submissions. However, I have a good vibe about Mundania Press, so they’ve now moved into top spot for my first submission. They already have a couple of Aussies on their growing list, so I’m sure they can accommodate one more.

On the subject of publishing, I notice my long-distance editorial colleague, Robert N Stephenson, is running a worldwide manuscript contest/hunt. It’s just so damn tempting to lodge a completed and polished version of Harbinger with him in the near future. What has stopped me thus far is the fact I want the novel published in the US first, where the advances, markets, and readerships are bigger. It seems Rob is promising to promote to international markets, so that may just push me over the edge. Let’s see how things pan out in the coming months.