Published… in Polish… I think!

I stumbled across this link this evening while doing what I promised myself I wouldn’t do – return to the Internet for a bit of a looky-loo. Damn habit!

Anyway, I *think* I’ve been published in the Dec 2005 issue of Nowa Fantasyka – the one I *think* also has Graham Masterton and Greg Benford in it. I’m not really sure though, all those squiggles are hurting my eyes. “Sobek’s Tears” translates to what looks like ‘Lzy Sobeka’ (Lazy Sobek?) or ‘Ezy Sobeka’ (a slutty Crocodile God?). I know it’s pure arrogance of course – I bet there’s a bunch of Poles looking at blogs like mine and ads for English magazines going “Ha, those crazy people look like they’re writing with wacky alphabet beans!” – or so I imagine.

No doubt the editor will be in contact with me soon.

Despite my lapse this evening, the last 24 hours have been absolutely amazing as far as career inroads go. It’s too early to spill the beans, but I have some very promising major work irons-in-the-fire.