Project: Brimstone

I failed to write any fiction at all today. However, the backburner project Ange and I have been stewing on for a few weeks manifested – a webzine with the working title of Brimstone. This title of course, is likely to change.

We have come to agreement (or at least I have foistered my opinion on Ange) that the webzine should be bimonthly (6 isssue per year) and paying. Yes, PAYING. The only other Australian SF webzines are Antipodean SF (which is non-paying, and only flash fiction), Ticonderoga Online (which is finding it’s feet after 2 issues, and only publishes 2 stories), and Ideomancer (which pays semi-pro rates, but is increasingly an international mag, with several US editors).

Brimstone promises to a unique blend, using the strengths from these mags. For one, the presentation will be simple, but not as stark as Ticonderoga or AntiSF. There will be an emphasis on dark, supernatural and psychological SF. The only zines in Australia that come close to this specialisation are Dark Animus and Borderlands.

Being a webzine (I wanted to go straight to print – but Ange suggested testing the waters first), we have decided to go with mostly flash stories (to 1000 words, to allow a little more freedom, while keeping the reading time to a minimum), with 2 featured short stories or novelettes or serials. And I reiterate – it’s a PAYING concern.

We just have to sort a few issues out, like ISSNs, domain names, and that little problem about an actual name, but other than that, we plan on rolling out in September. Should be interesting.