Post-Black Friday roundup

I was going to post an update yesterday (Black Friday), but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Life has been somewhat tumultuous of late, with lots of good stuff (and some not so good stuff) happening. Being the eternal optimist, I like sharing the positives, so in no particular order…


There’s been a slew of pretty damn decent reviews of Shards, Black Box, and Midnight Echo #2 (the issue I co-edited with Angela). Thanks Felicity, Damien, Ross, and Steph!
For the interested, the links are here:
“The overall experience of Shards is that of a dizzying, vivid, frightening rollercoaster ride, plunging the reader repeatedly into dark and horrible places, only to climb up toward the light for a gulp of air before dropping sharply into another nightmare. All lovers of dark fiction will find something to cherish here, and those who appreciate high quality artwork will enjoy McKiernan’s touches, too.”
“The authors have really outdone themselves and, I suspect, in some instances let themselves go to places they’d not been before. Some stories are downright chilling, painting vivid moments of despair, rage, and chaos. Others cover some very bleak and disturbing territory – deals with devils, prayers answered in twisted miracles, murderous family tragedies – [Black] Box has them all.”

“Midnight Echo offers a wide range of styles and themes that wrenched my eyes open to the possibilities of the genre, from almost-believable twists on everyday themes to the completely off the wall. This magazine is highly recommended as a showcase of local and international talent, and a must-add to the regular reading list of anyone with a reasonably strong constitution.”
“Challis and Cummings aimed for an Australian feel to this issue, and in that, they have succeeded. Midnight Echo continues to be a great showcase of dark fiction writers that is maintaining an extremely high standard.”


Andrew’s Shards competition

Author and illustrator extraordinaire Andrew J. McKiernan (my collaborator-in-crime on Shards) is running a competition on his blog offering a copy of Shards to one of his lucky readers.
Go over to his blog, and in 100 words or less, tell him about your greatest fear. The comp closes on Monday (Nov 16), so get cracking!