Positively diabolical

If, as the saying goes, there’s no rest for the wicked, then I must be positively diabolical.

Between the impending Redback Shadowed Realms issue and the Brimstone Press site, I’ve been cranking out some seriously cool designy type things. With my graphic designers hat on, it has pushed my editing and writing to the side for a moment, but just a moment.

Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror: Best of 2005 is in the home straight, but compiling stories for it has been a pleasure rather than a chore.

Career-wise, I caught an email this afternoon which has given me hope of landing a short-term writing contract (writing a careers non-fiction book), so that’s put some coal in the furnace.

Writing-wise, I had two pleasant surprises. My contributor copy of Ripples magazine #3 arrived today (for my story Vows), and I found I was sharing the table of contents with Marty Young (AHWA) and Sam Fogarty from the KSP SF group. Such a small world. The magazine is only a slight read at 30-odd pages, but there’s plenty of poetry and a decent quality of story in there to hold the attention span.

I also discovered a review on ASif! of Borderlands #4, which contained my story Hear No Evil. The review was fair and positive, with some justified criticism (although as it was one of my earliest pieces, I’ve revised it considerably, with some of the criticisms in mind, it would seem – go me!). I was just pleased to finally see a review of that story.

And just to prove I’m not entirely me-o-centric on this blog, I’d point anyone with an interest in dark fantasy towards Trent Jamieson’s Tumble on Ideomancer. It’s one of those stories I wished I’d written myself when I read it (I had a similar feeling at Clarion South on a few stories, especially one by Mark Barnes – whose style is reminiscent of Trent’s Ideomancer piece). Noice!

An eery silence has now descended on the house. Hayley has gone to bed and the ghosts in the walls are quieter than usual. Hayley has packed half her belongings for an epic trip through the UK and Europe. She leaves tomorrow night. Ange and I won’t know what to do with ourselves for all those weeks. I think I might go finish Stephen King’s The Gunslinger (a Christmas present).