Podcast at last!

My story “The Cutting Room” is available over at Pseudopod in all its blood-drenched glory. It’s been given life by Damaris Mannering, who does a splendid job as the creepy corpse sex-kitten. Now you really want to listen to it, right?

(and for anyone interested, the word you may not immediately understand is “diener”)

Comments and discussion on the Pseudopod message board has been intriguing. It’s well worth popping over there and adding your voice.

I’m particularly proud of comments such as “What the hell is wrong with this author?”; “This is exactly what horror should do, make you squirm and feel terribly uncomfortable.”; and “Good story, which was very well paced and played with our anticipations in an enjoyable way.” I also scored “This was the worst piece of dreck ever pulled from the bowels of any Escape Artists slush pile.” So there ya go, grossing people out and dividing audiences. Gotta love it!

On a completely unrelated matter, I was told today that Black magazine will be on sale at every Borders store in Australia – every store will have at least 10 copies! Keep an eye out for it from JULY 14 (i.e. don’t rush into your newsagency or Borders looking for it until then).