Pimping myself

With the imminent release of Sobek’s Tears in Aurealis #33, I’m stepping up a gear in the pimping stakes.

* The story will be entered in the Horror and Fantasy categories of the Aurealis Awards.

* I have prepared a PDF version for free distribution to Horror Writers Association members, with the hope of garnering Bram Stoker Award nominations (in the Superior Achievement in Short Story format category).

* I will contact the International Horror Guild and nominate it for the short story category.

* It has already been sent for consideration in the Mammoth Book of Horror.

* I will contact Ellen Datlow, the editor of Year’s Best Horror & Fantasy anthology, for her consideration.

* I will contact Bill Congreve, the editor of Years Best Australian SF anthology, for his consideration.

Do you think I’ve covered enough bases yet?

I’ll only go to these lengths for stories I truly believe in. Sobek’s Tears is one of them, and the first one to reach publication. I expect to give Hear No Evil (to be published in Borderlands magazine), and Alley of Dead Whores (still with The Third Alternative) the same treatment, but likely this will happen for next year’s awards and honours.

In other story related news, I’ve had a promising, and then disappointing 15 day rejection from Chizine, for Victims of Circumstance. It lasted much longer than any other sub I’ve sent.

Also, Cruel Summer, my 5 inter-connected micro stories, were originally accepted for publication in the Cyber-Pulp Summer Infernal anthology. Unfortunately, the project is officially dead, and they’ve released the story. The whole thing was a debacle – but at least I get to test it at higher paying markets now.

Oh, and I will be submitting a television series idea (or a couple of them) to a new Australian startup production company looking for SF stuff. Should be an intriguing experience.