Phoenix rises!

Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves
It’s official – my post-apocalyptic Australian dark fantasy novella Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves has been launched and is now available for purchase as an e-book from Damnation Books.

Quite simply, it’s the best thing I’ve written to date. Here’s what others have said of the novella thus far:

“Robert E. Howard meets Cormac McCarthy? Lovecraft meets London? Imagine no longer; Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves weaves its own unique magic, binding ancient sorcery and modern apocalypse together on the plains of Western Australia. Cummings hooks us into nightmarish world of a haunted man on a mission of redemption … Vivid and imaginative, this is a novella with strong roots in traditional, sorcerous horror but with a distinctly Australian voice.”
– Stephen M. Irwin, author of The Dead Path

“Shane Jiraiya Cummings’ Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves is a fantastic, dark missive from a world where memories have been replaced by shadows and teeth, where magic and monsters have left the bones of their ruin, and family is the ultimate surviving grace. Lyrical and haunting.”
– Kurt Newton, author of Black Butterflies, The House Spider, and Dark Demons.

Damnation Books have an amazing purchasing system that involves *variable pricing* which means my novella can be bought right now for a ridiculously low price (less than $1 at the moment). With every subsequent purchase, the price rises a little bit, which hopefully should encourage anyone who is interested to nab a copy ASAP! The full price is $4.50, which is still a bargain!

It’s available in e-book format now from Damnation, although in the next few weeks, digital editions will pop up (at full price) on Amazon Digital (kindle), Omnilit, Browler Books and Shortcovers (iphones/smartphones). Print editions will soon be available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Bad Moon Books, among other places. Once I have the direct links, I’ll post them.



  1. devinjay says:

    Oh, congratulations!

    I'm not a fan of ebooks, but I am looking forward to getting hold of a print copy.