Phoenix on Specusphere

Katherine Petersen has added to the Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves love with another positive review, this time on the Specusphere.

I’ve always thought the plot to Phoenix was a bit convoluted to explain, but Katherine has done a great job in covering the basics. Does this sound like something you’d read:

“Australian magickal practitioners hoped to use fire to rid the continent of monsters, but instead of a controllable bonfire, they create a raging inferno that tears across the landscape demolishing everything in its path. Damon survived with the help of his totem animal, the phoenix, but he believes he’s the only one. He’d protected his family by drawing runes all over their skin and having them associate themselves with totem animals as well, but his efforts weren’t enough. His family now is condemned to a limbo where they exist as shadow wolves.

“Damon trudges across Australia, following the phoenix with the hope that harnessing its magic will bring his family back. But his family has lost patience and for a few moments near the end of each day, they hunt him, believing that his death will mean their release. Damon has to seek out high places to avoid their teeth and claws, but not even the highest water tower can prevent his hearing their words of hate.”

However, my favourite quote from Katherine’s review is this:

“Shane Jiraiya Cummings has written a powerful tale that penetrates the mind of a man both haunted and hunted… Cummings paints a grim but vivid picture of the Australian plains and cities after the fire, from the bodies of monsters to hulks of cars and stubs of trees. You can almost hear the continuous pounding of Damon’s footsteps as he trudges on day after day after day.”

Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves is available for $4.50 (e-book) from Damnation Books or $9.90 (paperback) from Amazon.