Phoenix has been Dark Scribed

Yet another review of Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves has appeared online. This time, it was courtesy of Michelle Lee at the outstanding Dark Scribe Magazine.

Michelle has nothing but awesome things to say …

Damnation Books has been putting out a number of good, solid reads thus far in its brief history. But none so far have been of the same caliber in the dark fantasy genre as Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves by Shane Jiraiya Cummings.


Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves is short, too brief at times, giving it a movie-like feel as it sticks close to the absolute essentials instead of wandering around in extra padding. It also manages to be leisurely beautiful in its world and character-building, accentuated by its race against time, rather than driven by it …¬†Cummings spins a tale unique in its setting, intent and feel that is well worth the read and really should earn some well-deserved attention.

Thanks Michelle and Dark Scribe!

Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves is available for a paltry $4.50 (e-book) from Damnation Books or $9.90 (paperback) from Amazon.