Phoenix burns through the Static

Black Static is an awesome magazine. It’s the UK’s long-running pro dark fiction mag, and it’s a class act all the way. One of the best sections in Black Static is Peter Tennant’s Case Notes reviews. His reviews are always detailed and insightful (in fact, many would-be reviewers could learn a thing or two from reading Tennant’s column, I reckon), and I’ve been lucky enough to have been reviewed there in the past (with Shards).

Given the quality of the mag and the avalanche of material Tennant must receive, I didn’t have high hopes that he would review my novella Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves when I sent it, but I was very pleasantly surprised when he reviewed not just my novella, but a couple of Tasmaniac novellas as well. I’ll say one thing for Tennant – he’s one of the few overseas critics who regularly reads Australian horror.

The review of Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves is in issue #20 of Black Static (out nowish). To date, Tennant has provided the best and most concise summary of what is a convoluted plot in Phoenix, and of note, he finishes his review thusly:

[Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves is] a fast paced and vividly written story, one that holds the attention all the way, with twists and turns of fortune, last minute saves, a strong sense of place, convincing monsters and believable characters, all wrapped up in a solid plot. Chances are you’ll have a good time with this book.
Interested? Phoenix can be purchased cheaply in e-book form from Damnation Books and Amazon – Kindle version here and print version here – (and all sorts of other online retailers).