Personal tally for 2008

Drawing inspiration from David Conyers’ recent tally, I’ve cast my mind back and summarised my personal output in 2008.

Here’s the shasizzle of it all:

Stories published

  • “A Picture of Death” in Voices (Morrigan Books).
  • “The Cutting Room” podcast in Pseudopod #96 and reprinted (in Spanish) in Paura 4 anthology.

Stories forthcoming (confirmed)

  • “Chasing Jormungand” in ASIM #38.
  • “Dark Heart Alley (An Urban Fable)” in Macabre: A Journey Through Australia’s Darkest Fears (Brimstone Press).
  • “Requiem for the Burning God” in Cthulhu’s Dark Cults (Chaosium).
  • “Hear No Evil” (reprint) in Dark Wisdom (Elder Signs Press).

Stories forthcoming (unconfirmed)

  • “Sobek’s Tears” (reprint) in Black Eden anthology.
  • “The Garden Shed Pact” (reprint in French) in Horrifique #35.

Edited publications

  • Black Box (Brimstone Press).
  • Black: Australian Dark Culture magazine issues #1-3.
  • HorrorScope

Edited publications forthcoming

  • Midnight Echo issue #2 (with Angela Challis).
  • Tales from the Sunburnt Realm (with Nigel Read).

Books forthcoming (confirmed)

  • Shards (Brimstone Press)*

Award nominations (received in 2008 for my work in 2007)

  • One Aurealis Award nomination (for “Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon”).
  • One Galley Club Award nomination (for layout of ADFH 2007).
  • Three Tin Ducks Nominations (2x Professional Short Fiction and Fan Production).
  • Four Ditmar Award Nominations (Best Novelette for “Smoke Dragon”, Fan Writer, Fanzine, and an Atheling).

Other Achievements

  • Elected Vice President of the Australian Horror Writers Association.
  • Judge for the Australian Shadows Award.

A long and noteworthy haul, particularly when the work involved is taken into account (for example, all the feature articles and graphic design for Black magazine, the editing, graphic design, and coordination that went into Black Box) … but it’s taking a toll.

My resolution for next year? Finish of all my in-progress projects, cut back on any new editorial projects, and concentrate on my writing. There’s a novellist buried under all of this bursting to break free.

* More on this later. Stay tuned.