You know, I reckon I’ve been far too invested in the whole blog/LJ-stalker thing. Sure, I know what’s going on – primarily in small press writer/SF fan circles – but where does that get me in life?

I’ve cut a couple of people from my livejournal friends list as a result. When I tune in to an endless litany of pointless swearing and navel gazing (of which I’m a guilty participant more often than I’d care to admit), I question why I’m investing so much of my life to it all.

As has been pointed out to me, many (and indeed most) of the successful writers I know don’t blog. They’re too busy writing.

I’ll continue blogging intermitently (of course!), but I have projects to push, to complete, and many more on the way, so I’ll try to cut back on the lurking. I just need to learn how to control the sticky-beak in me. Internet addiction is a subtle beast with a powerful grip.