Outcast unleashed

The Outcast teaser is out and available for public consumption. I urge everyone to visit the site pronto – here – it’s worth the download time (its approx 200k – which is only a few seconds on ADSL/cable, a fair bit longer for those slogging it out on dialup). A tip – turn your speakers up!

For those not aware, Outcast is book two in the Harbinger series/trilogy. More info on Harbinger is available from my home site – a link is conveniently located on the Outcast promo page.

In Shadowed Realms info, we’re sitting on a tidy little slushpile at present. Our response times were often a few days to a week, but with the latest batch, we have a number of excellent stories (approximately twenty still in the pile) which we’re hanging on to. It’s more of a comparison thing – we’re still unsure where the line is between an acceptance and a rewrite/rejection. It’s a tough call. We’ve read each and every current submission, but the decision process is tough – and to put any writers minds at ease – VERY exhaustive. Even the rejects get read at least three times by both primary editors before being advised.

Right now, I’m putting my newly gathered web design nous to use with flash stuff (as evidenced by the Outcast page and a number more springing up soon). Shadowed Realms will soon have such a makeover. Stay tuned.