Out of practise

I’ve been trying to get into my long short story, The Savage Redemption of Gaia, with little success. The ideas are there, but the discipline and the ‘flow’ is not. In short, I’m out of practise!

I think I’ve been focussing too much on editing lately, allowing my writing to suffer because of this. I have written a few flash pieces, which I’m quite happy with – such as Counter, and the Cruel Summer Series. However, now I’m keen to get out a few longer pieces, such as Gaia, Achilles Forsaken, and possibly the Moonlight Man, the focus just isn’t happening.

Then there is Harbinger. The more I edit the work of others, the more I become aware of little inconsistencies in my own work. And the more I become aware of such inconsistencies, the more I realise I need to do in my subsequent redrafts of Harbinger. Oh well, at least I’m coming to these conclusions now, instead of when I have a few novels published with major grammatical errors.

I guess I’m on a bit of a time limit. With my commitment to the upcoming Web Design course, which is full time, I need to clear away the remnants of the writing course I started. I’m confident of this, but I may not get many stories completed in the next couple of weeks. I’m curious to see what the TAFE schedule will do to my discipline.