Our Wings are Burning

On the crest of fire
Our wings are burning
To the wind’s anthem
All is lost but hope

I’ve been using the Black Box audio CD as my writing soundtrack recently. It’s an awesome selection of atmospheric Australian rock and goth, and I’ll always be thankful to Talie Helene for putting that soundtrack together.

A current favourite is Virgin Black’s “Our Wings are Burning”. It’s a cool song, as you’ll see from the video above (although I prefer the version with the much longer outro). Like Athlete’s “Wild Wolves”, it reminds me of my post-apocalyptic novella Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves (which I talk about in the afterword to that novella in my collection, The Abandonment of Grace and Everything After).

It’s made me nostalgic, so I’m going to check out both Phoenix and Black Box. If you’re especially interested, you can also read Phoenix in context with the other Fire stories in my apocryphal collection, Inferno.

Apocrypha Inferno3