Online renovation and freebies

I spent a bit of time on the weekend tidying up my website.

For astute readers, you’ll notice the option to switch themes in the top right corner of the site. Go on, click those links, you know you want to!

I have both a fantasy and dark fiction theme in case my readers get confused. I’m known for my dark fiction stuff right now, but my novel-in-progress is Japanese fantasy, plus I have a few fantasy and SF projects soon to be released into the wild, so I have to keep the options open and play to the crowd. Besides, I’m the sort who refuses to use a pseudonym if I’m published across different genres. My writing (regardless of genre). My name. My legacy. End of story.

Speaking of my writing, readers of this blog probably know me for my editing – or at least are more likely to have read the stuff I’ve edited than the stories I’ve written. So the other renovation on my website is a ‘Free fiction’ section. I have half a dozen stories on there, some horror, some fantasy, in a variety of formats – downloadable (and shareable) PDFs, a podcast, and an online story.

Three of the PDFs are samplers from my forthcoming collection Shards, and each is illustrated by the wonderfully dark Andrew McKiernan. If you’re even remotely interested in Shards, then try before you buy – please download and read these stories and feel free to share them around.

One of the other downloadable PDFs is “Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon”, the Japanese fantasy novelette that is the first chapter of my in-progress novel Circle of Tears: The Adventures of Yamabushi Kaidan. The novelette was nominated for a Ditmar Award and Aurealis Award last year. If you read and like “Smoke Dragon”, consider buying the book in which it was first published: Ticonderoga Publication’s Fantastic Wonder Stories. It’s available online, and through a nifty distribution deal, at many bookstores around Australia.

So if you find yourself with a spare ten minutes (and you’re already reading blogs, so don’t be a raw prawn and say you can’t read short online fiction!), head over to and download some free fiction.