Well, that last post gets a FAIL. It confirms my suspicion that so few people actually read small press short stories – at least amongst the people who stop by this blog. Most of the interest in small press stuff would appear to be my fellow writers wanting to get their own stuff published.

Anyway, onto something that’s been niggling me a bit (like that Year’s Best Honourable Mention thing a while back). With awards season now upon us, I’ve noticed there are a fair number of newer authors that claim to have ‘award nominations’ for work that was simply entered into an award. I’ve seen it happen with the Australian Shadows Award, the Aurealis Award, and the Bram Stoker Awards.

An ‘award nomination’ means that your work was shortlisted as a finalist. Having your work ‘entered’ into the award for consideration does not equal an award nomination.

I don’t blame the authors at all, though. How can they know any better when the terminology is so loose? We tightened up the language for the Australian Shadows last year for this reason.

All it requires is for awards administrators to change the wording on their entry forms to state works are ‘entered’ rather than ‘nominated’ for consideration and voila, problem solved.