No. 1 with a bullet!

RATN No 1Thanks everyone for your support with the RAGE AGAINST THE NIGHT giveaway. Thanks to you, Rage Against the Night is the NUMBER 1 Bestseller (free ebooks) in horror, and is NUMBER 4 on the overall bestseller list.

Nothing is more awesome than excellent authors writing about the battle (and occasional triumph) against the forces of evil. This is what Rage Against the Night is all about.

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If you enjoy Rage Against the Night as much as I hope you do, I would thoroughly recommend these other books of mine/from Brimstone Press:


Edited by Angela Challis and Dr Marty Young

Explore Australia’s dark literature past, present, and future all in one landmark anthology! From the very earliest colonial ghost stories through to grim tales of modern life, Macabre will take you on a journey through the dark heart of Australian horror.

With classic stories from Australia’s masters of horror alongside the best of the new era, Macabre: A Journey through Australia’s Darkest Fears is the finest dark fiction anthology ever produced in Australia.

Macabre features 38 stories from Australian literary legends such as Henry Lawson, Barbara Baynton, Marcus Clarke, David Unaipon, Mary Fortune, and A. Bertram Chandler; modern masters such as Terry Dowling, Kaaron Warren, and Sean Williams; and the 21st century’s brightest new horror stars: Stephen M. Irwin, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, Paul Haines, Richard Harland, David Conyers, and Will Elliott.

Macabre: A Journey through Australia’s Darkest Fears won the 2010 Australian Shadows Award, and was nominated for the 2010 Bram Stoker Award!


Thirteen spine-tingling stories of darkness and desolation from Australia’s award-winning master of the macabre, Shane Jiraiya Cummings.

The Abandonment of Grace and Everything After is Cummings at his fear-inducing best: from the seductively erotic autopsy of “The Cutting Room” and the insanity of “Ian” through to the post-apocalyptic tragedy of “Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves”.

Imagine a secret from the future that could affect creation itself – a secret so dark, demonic powers would do anything to learn it. Ride a train across the Outback as it descends into a bloodbath. Be entranced by a song that threatens to tear reality apart. Listen for screams only a deaf man can hear …

With personal afterwords from the author that provide insights into each story, and powerful narratives that explore love, loss, and redemption in the darkest of circumstances, The Abandonment of Grace and Everything After is one of the most significant collections of Australian horror ever published.

Shards (2014 cover)SHARDS

Short Sharp Tales

Take a guided tour of the darkest backroads of the imagination. Imagine worlds that are twisted fragments of our own …

In one, a woman with foresight puts her scarred body on the line to stop crimes before they happen. In another, a pervert channels the spirit of a dead school friend in the hopes of getting lucky. In yet another, the Antichrist is a misunderstood teenager who is tired of being manipulated.

In Shards, the seasons turn deadly, and a day at the beach becomes a nightmare. A vision in the mirror is anything but heavenly. The zombie apocalypse triggers one survivor’s unhealthy obsession. And where do you run when the world begins to physically unravel?

Shards is fiction at its shortest and sharpest, a collection of disturbing stories from a master of dark flash fiction. A shard is a story read in just moments … but it will linger with you for the rest of your life.

Every story in the print edition is lavishly illustrated by Andrew J. McKiernan.

Dreams of DestructionDREAMS OF DESTRUCTION (Ravenous Gods book 2)

Backed by the savage power of Dreamtime monstrosities, and supported by shadowy masters, an Australian cult known as ‘The Reign of Terror’ attempts to detonate a supernatural weapon of mass destruction at a meeting of world leaders in Perth, Western Australia. If successful, their bold plan will devastate the earth. Can mercenary hero Captain Max Calder infiltrate the cult, fend off the yakuza and Lovecraftian horrors, and ultimately bring down the plot from the inside – with one hell of a bang?

Winner of the 2015 Australian Shadows Award!

 Requiem for the Burning God (2014 cover)REQUIEM FOR THE BURNING GOD (Ravenous Gods book 1)

Evil festers beneath the mountains of 1930s Peru, and British Great War ace turned mercenary Captain Max Calder unwittingly stumbles into the thick of it! Calder is confronted by Lovecraftian horrors, the machinations of a world-spanning cult, and a lunatic song that haunts his every step. Armed with his trusty Webley pistol and his wits, Calder must confront a cult that seeks to unleash a monstrosity on the world. Will he succumb to madness … or will he put a bullet between the eyes of an insane god?